Friday, 12 December 2014

Last post2014

Ohhhh this is the last post i will ever make for 2014 this year.This year has been an amazing experience and i hope that i can use my skills that i have learned this year for next year. Im so looking foward to next year:)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

christmas time

WALT: Write a diamante poem using nouns, adjectives, verbs, synonyms and antonyms.

Monday, 8 December 2014

My post card

Walt:summarise and combine information from across multiple texts. this is a card that shows you my bmx card it takes part at a bmx track

Friday, 5 December 2014

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Kawau me meres

This is a reflection of our camp on Kawau island hope you enjoy. Did you know that the year 6’s of pt england school went to kawau island for 4 days we traveled on a bus to sand spit.From sandspit we cached a ferry to kawau. The next day we did the first lot of games.i liked saling because you can go fast and you can jump over the waves.some people capsized because they did not put their back to the wind.the five steps to not capsize is to back to wind rudder to sail sail to the corner and watch out for the pole. The next activity was kayaking.we had a brief of how to move turn and stop. We got to play games race and just playing around in the water.we had a race to shore and i was the first boy. Then we did concourse it was scary i did the rope walk.In the middle of the rope it goes loss and wobly.It is up high and it looks scary.Will your focusing on trying not to slip your legs get num. I miss kawau island it is a lovely island and it has cool animales.It was a stuning experience and it was interseting

Kawau info

This is a slide that shows you some small info of Kawau.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

What is a friend

Do you have a friend?
Do you have a friend that is reliable and that you can trust?
Have you ever thought what a friend is?
Well I'm here to tell you. A friend is someone who you can trust and that is reliable. Some friends are good and some are bad and it is your choice to chose.If you pick someone who is good they are good friends that won't get you into trouble.If you chose bad friends then that is the wrong choice because they get you into trouble by blaming it on you.

Can a friend be like family?Well some friends can be family that is if there kind and respectful.Some friends can stay friends but those who are family are lucky.Some friends can help you when times are difficult.There are also friends that buy you stuff like presents and treats and even drinks.but this doesn't just happen you have to show them courtesy and respect.

How do you get out of a cross fire with your friend?When you are in a fight with a friend it is not a good site.To get out of trouble with a friend you have to talk with them sort the problem then make up for it but that dosent always work.Sometimes you have to do some stuff for hem like do a dearing thing.Bye then you will be friends with them hopefully.

This should help you stay friends and it will help you make a friend a family member and  remember don't  let your friends down and most important thing is don’t let yourself down.Because when friends are  happy you and your friends can do anything.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Paragraph Doctory

WALT: rework paragraphs to meet effective paragraph criteria Link to workshop. we hade to make a post that shows you how to doctor a paragraph. finished para I will tell you about slip. Slip is to slap on a hat in the sun here are some of the things to wear in the hot sun. You can put on a long sleeved shirt to protect your arms so that they don't get burned. Sun glasses is an ideal choice for this ecation and a good idea is to find some shade.a good idea is to wear Tops with Dark colours and a tighter weave will help protect you even more. sick paragraph:I will tell you about slip. Slip is to slip on the right clothes in the sun here are some of the things to wear in the hot sun. You can put on a long sleeved shirt to protect your arms and go find some shade.Tops with Dark colours and a tighter weave will help protect you even more.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Capital letters

WALT:tell people what capital letters are.What is a capital letter.A capital letter is a bigger letter that is at the start of a sentence.

An example(The dog whent to the shop) What are capital letters:Capital letters are letters that are at the start of a sentence.It is a upper case letter that are At the begining of a name.It names geographacial places like New Zealand Australia China.We have them to know it is a name or a place.

 :Where do the capital letters go: Some capital letters go at the start of a sentence were some go at the beginning of peoples names. And some even go at the beginning of a place.

  Capital letters are spotted in titles.For an Example(Red Hairy Face)they could be spotted in books games brands. How you use them:You use them for names titles dates. For example(“Kyan walked to the shop’’) You also need punctuation so that you make sense in your writing like(“I’ll go to the shop’s’’) now you know how to use your capitals the right way to make sense and remember using capitals and punctuation can help you later on in life. this is a story that shows you what capitals.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Building Work at School

This is a article about what is going on. Buildings Getting Demolished: Some buildings are getting demolished and taken down so that new buildings can be built at Pt England school.

Some buildings are getting demolished and taken down so that new classrooms can be built for the kids of Pt England. The new classes are going to be even better than before.They will have open spaces and green screen room.These classrooms are going to have better things like stages and lockers. the classrooms are a more of a modern learning environment for the kids to learn in.

The building are going to all be built by December.These buildings are going to be for year 1 and year sixes .The buildings for Pt England School are more bigger and easier to work in.The old classrooms are so old that they're going to the dump and not going to be used anymore not even for another school.

The classrooms are getting built because the old ones are more of a old class and the new classrooms are more of a modern environment for the kids of Pt England.there classrooms are better than ever there bigger more better and more flasher than others.these classrooms have there own stage and their own lockers.

The students have been waiting for quite a while now it is here.The buildings are going to be built by october.The buildings that are getting taken down is for more room for new ones.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

pigs and ducks.

first i did 4 x 3=12 then8x2=16 then i drawwed some pigs and drawwed some legs.Then i got 28.

how to make breadfruit chips

this is some steps to make breadfruit chips.breadfruitn is yuck on its on so eat it with something else.we did this task for litzriccy

kyan and shaitarn Breadfruit chips Explain everything from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Escape afganastain

1) Why did the family in the story leave Afghanistan? Because there was war and they wanted A better life. 2) Why didn’t the kid in the story go to school? Because the government changed so the dad didn't want her/him to go to school. 3) How did the kid in the story lean to read and write? She learned from her dad she was home schooled. 4) What is the capital of Afghanistan? Cabal 5) Describe the toilet on the boat. It is a big hole and no privacy 6) How did they first know something was wrong on their journey to Christmas island? The boat kept on stopping and going. 7) What was the ship from Norway called? Red sky 8) Where did they go after Papua New Guinea? New Zealand

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

traviel to afghanastain

i think that being crowded in a boat will be sloppy dumb.that will be cold getting wet every second if i was in that position i would be enoyed what will you do.

Monday, 4 August 2014

commonwealth games

Introduction: yay commonwealth games are beginning.Did you know mountain biking is a sport that takes part of Commonwealth games. The first game was held 84 years ago and it is still going the first game In 4 years are being played in London Glasgow this will be 2014s first game. Paragraph 1 Did you know most people like bmxing better than mountain bikes? I profer bmxing my self.Sometimes people race in the woods where there is lots of turns and narrow stretch curves.Biking can be used in all types of terrains like dirt mud grass and even wet puddles.Most of the participators get hurt in this event like broken arms legs and scrapes and cuts The winner takes home the shiny gold beautiful medal I hope New Zealand wins. Paragraph 2 Did you know that judo is a sport that takes part in commonwealth games.Judo is an japanese martial art that is used for self defense. In 1882 judo became a form of jujitsu that even the military use as hand to hand combat.In this sport people may get injured that is why there is safty resonse.This art is very uniqe it can be used in many ways. paragraph 3 Did you hear that hockey is a sport that takes part in commonwealth games this game involves a stick and skating shoes.This game is performed in an icy ground. In this sport there could be accidents that could lead to fights.Did you know that hockey has been around for 200 years. I think that commonwealth games is a good thing it gives people a goal.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Friday, 4 July 2014

My board game

this is a board game it is called power ups me and my freinds kyan and michael.Contents: Dice,charters. How to setup: chose player and start at line How To play: The first player rolls the dice. Move your player to the number of squares rolled. How to win: get to the finish line and you win. The objective of the game: The objective of the game is to try to get to the end. How to Restart: once your friend cross finish line then you and friends Restart. How to Pack up: You Fold the piece of paper How to Make money: You Make money every time you make A 10 foot jump.

Monday, 30 June 2014

hero writting

the mysteries hero Start writing:once upon a time there was a young boy named day at school there was a boy named Mike. Mike was playing then he lost his shoe john saw everything mike was angry at him he got the name one shoe wonder.10 YEARS later john had earned a name black stroke he was in the middle of a mission suddenly his mum called come home on the highway he stopped everything seemed different he got hit by a lightning bolt and thats how he got his power that is why he is a super hero but with all superheroes there is always a weakness. and blackstrock's weakness is whitestrock. stay tuned for part two...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

my blog writting

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jacob. He had no fear at all he had a brother named Zion. The brothers are always doing dangerous adventures like free falling into portals that lead to other galaxies. They also fight big monsters like harpys sea monsters and giants. These two brothers have four powers. one is shape shifting the second is flames. And the third is health fourth is electric force field. One day they stumbled into a underground portal that lead to the entrance to a maze Jacob made a bad mistake. He went into the maze and he got lost so Zion went in after him he found Jacob laying flat he was half demolished by a plant he had died. He was all alone he had heard a story that if you find the sacred gem it can grant you any wish it can even revive people. TO BE CONTINUED.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

titanic reaserch

Question 1 information: the titanic weights 46,000 tones and the engine weights 16,tones Question 2 information: the titanic sank because the holes let water in to the making the front tip then the back snap. Question 3 information: the titanics length is 882.9 Question 4 information: 92 Question 5 information:46.000 tones Question 6 information: the titanic gets up to 22 knots.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I was there

Title: i was there Start writing here: On a pitch black night in the sub-zero atlantic ocean in the most luxurious liner titanic. Warm cozy in the first class cabin room no noise at all not even a swish from a wave suddenly we heard a crash on to the s hip. The titanic has crashed in the iceberg every one racing for a life boat the ice cold water is flooding the front compartments causing titanic to begin lifting the humongous stern of the ship up. The boiler stacks snapped off the ship it smelled of smoke people choking and dying. unexpectedly the titanic started to snap in the middle it is going to snap we are all terrified people jumping off the ship in the water. People drowning and dying of hypothermia i had one last choice either to jump into water for a life boat or go down with the ship. Keep your eyes on for part 2. wich is coming soon.

Monday, 26 May 2014


Title: I was there Start writing here: On a pitch black night in the sub-zero ocean in the most luxurious liner titanic.Warm cozy in the first class sleeping room no noise at all not even a swish from a wave suddenly bang crash crcrcr.the titanic has crashed in the iceberg every one racing for a life boat the ice cold water is flooding the front compartments causing titanic to begin lifting the humongous stern of the ship up. The boiler stacks snapped off the ship it smelled of smoke people choking and dying. unexpectedly the titanic started to snap in the middle it is going to snap we are all terrified people jumping off the ship in the water dying of hypothermia one more boat I rushed to it Im alive the end

Thursday, 22 May 2014

the weird house in the middle of no were

On A pitch black night 2 kids went trick or treating in the middle of no wear, for hours the two kids were looking for A house. Then they saw A light blaze A distance away so the two boys sprinted to the house. As they pressed the doorbell the door swung open and almost hit the the two boys they yelled out ‘’HAHAHAHAHAHAHA’’. They heard A man say ‘’get out of my house get out of my house’’. The two kids said where's my candy bro he replied ‘’come hear’’ the kids were following the sound. Then they heard something crack, It was filled with candy the kids went crazy then a man walked out of a bed room. He looked freaky when the 2 kids saw the man they ran away when he on the lights he looked like A nerd. The 2 kids went back and saw him they started laughing their head off they said ‘’we thought you were A criminal’’ the man said ‘’well i'm not i tried to open the door but it swung open and the thing that dropped was my candy bowl so i hid in my room and then you guys ran away’’ then the kids said ‘’but you yelling to us doesn't cut it’’ Then the man said ‘’OOOOOO i thought you guys were robbing my house’’. So the two little boys said ‘’well bye then’’ the man replied ‘’bye’’. The END...

Friday, 9 May 2014

Immersion assembly

On A wonderful morning the children of pt england school had to arrive at the assembly. As we entered all of our school saw balloons as we sat down we saw A clown and it was Mr Burt. He jumped out with excitement and welcomed the children back to Pt England. As he was talking he throw mini rugby balls into the crowed. It was cool because everyone was fighting for it and caching it. Team 5 was one of Me and Michael’s favourite item. It was about music and how do you make music out of instruments made from rubbish. And another item that we enjoyed was Team 3’s They teached the school how things fly it was one of my favorite ones.

My holidays

On a really good day with a blue sky and some white clouds. My family and i got ready to go Rainbow's End for a celebration of my birthday on April 19. We got in my van and started zooming of to rainbows end. While we were in the van my brothers were singing loud. When we got there there were smiles. I was full of excitement to go on the new ride the Stratosphere. We got in Rainbows End and i went really fast to the new ride. When i got there it was a very long line. I was waiting for minutes and minutes. Then finally it was me and my brothers turn to go on. They had to check maysun and me to see if we were tall enough and we Were. When the instructor told us to go on we were nervous it look like it was gonna go so high. when we went up it was going in loops which was making me dizzy and sick. Next ride up was the Power surge. Only my mum and i wanted to go on it. Spinning around and around it was crazy. When we were finish i said “ PHEWW that was extreme.” Next Was the alien spaceship The Invader It went so high and fast up in to the sky. My brother was screaming for ages. When we were finished i was disappointed. But it was fine i loved it at rainbows end. Next time it would be cool. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Free BlogWritting

In the weekend  Shaitarn and maurice. Went to nights house to play black ops 2 zombies .Then we got suked in to a different world named black ops  we saw   zombies they looked liked ugly people at the back of us we grabbed  our RPD to shoot the zombies heads off.It was screy after we met a surviver that was in a zombie war in 1944. Next we had to move to the next house because zombies tried breaking in to eat us.John the survivor fort the zombies but he got eatin cause he was weak.

and i stole his  pack a punch gun’s it was power fall to kill the zombies faster.

Monday, 14 April 2014

harvesting flax


As soon as I heard the bell I ran out of the door in excitement YELLING ‘’ITS FIAFIA ITS FIAFIA’’ other people were doing it to so I ran out of the gates and waited for the crossing patrols to pull out there signs out so I ran to my car and my Mum and Dad were so nice they brought me and my brother snacks so we munched away and the even brought us drinks. As soon as I got home I had A shower and I got changed then we waited for my cousin and my aunty. As they entered the door I played with my little cousin outside. When I heard my Dad say lets go we walked to Our school named Pt .England the reason we had to walk because my dad checked our schools parking and it was stuffed. When we walked there there were heaps of food stands we had to try to find A set when we got on to my set Mr Burt said all fiafia kid go to your changing rooms. When we got in to our changing rooms everyone was hiding in little gaps getting changed.

When they got changed we went out to Fiafia and We sat down We watched Really awesome performances then it was our turn one stage I was nervous but I still did it when i went up on the stage there were thousands of people staring at us I but it felt weird because when the Hip Hop group went up to perform all of the front rows legs were shaking but when parents were there I felt brave. We did One Direction, Skrillex, Chris Brown, Trumpets, Macklemore, When we got off every on we cheering and clapping.                  

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Books

this morning we had got some new books there so cool here is some writing of what i think of it.

the book I had just read was named Gorilla city.this book is interesting its got good vocab and lots of detail.
this book has  a map and a picture for a card.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


<iframe src=""></iframe>

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

walt: add detail to beginning middle and end of sentence

i have learnt how to put in more detail in my sentences.we started with i walked to the shop.this is our writting hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Map

This is my picture of what my map looks like for Glenn innes.
How to get to KFC.
To get to KFC you tern right out of pt England and go strait until you find the round about.Go north on your  third exit.

The pools. get to the pools tern right out of pt England
2. Go strait and tern on third exit           3. Go down pt England then tern left in to the  driveway.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

my free blog writing 2

Once there were two kids named Josh and Franklin that didn't have parents they have been bullied. They have been chased by dogs and bullies. Josh and Franklin got sick of it. then they stood up for their self. The bullies came back from around the corner and they tried beating them up but Josh and Franklin said ‘’OK COME THEN’’the bullies ran up to Josh and josh kicked the bullie right in the in the leg. The the next bullie ran up to Franklin and Franklin jabed the bullie right in the face.

After the fight they went to find their Mum and Dad they felt so lonely because they were walking for days than they saw big bags with food and water they could only carry 2 bags of it then they walked to the gas station and said can I have A big bottle of water then the man said two dollars please then they gave it. as they left they saw to people Lying down they knew it was there mum and dad the they said hi mum and she said what is your name and he said Josh the she said we found our kids.

Then the left and live happily ever after.

Monday, 3 March 2014

my weather investigation

This is my three graphs about the wind speed. My best one is the top because it is easy to see and it is more detail.

I was finding out  the patter the wind picks up then drops down.

I found out that it is  true.

I conclude that the temperature drops at least once.

Monday, 10 February 2014

my graph

this is my graph.

free writting

Once upon a time there was a boy named Matthew.He had a dream to ride a bmx bike. He wanted to be like the big boys how they race.So he beged his mum to by him a bmx so they burt him a redline bmx. The second day with his bmx he went to the bmx track.He tried to do some tricks but he failed.Then he meet a boy named Josh.He was a professional bmxer. Him and matthew begind lessons. to be continued

Friday, 7 February 2014

My predictions

My predictions. my prediction is that girls like to drive than walk. my prediction is that boys like to walk than drive. my prediction is that girls like to dance than run. my prediction is that girls have pets and boys dont. I found out. I found out that girls that drive are equil with the girls that walk. i found out more boys drive rather than walk.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

my holiday

Draft On Friday me and my dad went to bike barn and payed some money on a bike that was a racing Redline. I have a bmx that is a Redline at home made fore the bowl. So when we finished paying money we hit the bmx track. I cant wait untill i get to go on the bmx track on the bmx. I had so much fun and i enjoyed riding on the track maybe i will do it on Fridays. but the next day i woke up and my BIKE WAS made me mad When i found out it was gone i thought it was just a dream but it was true.