Friday, 8 March 2013

Swimming Reflection

Have you ever had swimming lessons before? Room 13 has been going to the Glen Innes swimming pools to have 30 minute swimming lessons. We have been having lessons to learn how to stay afloat and be safe in the water. It is very important that we learn how to swim. It is fun to swim in the pools because it is clean. My name is Shaitarn I am in group 3 for swimming. My instructors name was Josh. He taught us how to do streamline properly. To do streamline you have to put your hands above your head and your arms straight, they have to be behind your ears. Your arms are the same shape as a rocket. When we had learnt how to do that properly Josh got us to practice streamline by doing it in the water and kicking at the same time. The one thing that I have learnt well is how to do freestyle properly. I think that I would be able to help my little brother with his swimming. One thing that I need to keep practicing is to keep my tummy up while I am doing backstroke. I can do this by going to the pools with my family. P1140484

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  1. Hi Shaitarn,
    Great work reflecting on swimming. It's great to read what you can do well. Keep practicing your freestyle and backstroke when you go to the pools. It was nice to read that you will help your brother learn how to swim too.


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