Thursday, 11 July 2013

sea life

1. What’s a marine reserve?a protected beach. 2. How were they going to find out how different areas became a marine reserve?they look at both. 3. What did they learn in the pool?emerginsy signil. 4. What gear did they have to go snorkelling?snorkil flipers wet sout. 5. Why did everything look bigger in the water?because the water is like a magnifing glass. 6. What did they see?rubish 7. What else did they find?oupend kiner 8. What did they see at a protected marine reserve?lots of sea life 9. Why was it like this?because it was protected 10. What did they do after they found out about the differences?they but gear for others to descover.

Friday, 5 July 2013

wild life reaserch

This is my presentation about Orca's. It will tell you some information about them. Hope you enjoy.

kelly tarltons

Have you ever been to Kelly Tarltons?
On monday morning room 13 was going on a trip. we all had to put our netbooks in our bag.Then we all met up at the hall and then we said our prayer and then we whent out side.
We all split up and hoped on a bus.
As soon as we arived we all where egger to get in side.

As soon as we got inside we all  got inside we all where screeming then miss lavakula said be quiet so we all where quiet.
We had to go to A room that was completelly blue. Inside there was a lady named janice. She showed us what the people in antarctica had to where to keep them warm.

As soon as we got out side the sun was shining brightly.
while we were traveling to the adventure playground the bark was squishing under our shoes we ran to the playground like crazy.when we were  at the park there was so much to do.the first thing I whent on was the flying fox because you get to go fast and it looks scary to go down.

after the park we whent to kelly tarltons to explore around the place.
We had one hole hour to explore as soon as we got in to the cave we went to scotts hut.We all had a look at what scott had to survive.he eated penguins and other old things.

I think all of us was so sad that we had to go back to school i guess we were having to much fun.

MVI 0243 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.