Thursday, 17 November 2016

Support letter

Dear Christopher Rima

Sorry about you tragedy you must be so shaken up or real.WOW a 7.5 earthquake pretty big.
Sorry about your family that  had been injured in this disaster hope it will be over soon
Just swallow your scratch and hopefully you can make though.
This event has devastated lots a it is just so hard to get  our head around thing.This  have caused many greef.

Send your family my word
Sincerely yours
From shaitarn  

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

Hiwi the kiwi

Fishing for the future.
Fishing wisley is very crucial to or oceans and fish habitats and population.Our fish population is dropping very fast due to pollution and  catching small fish.

The fish have dropped an astonishing amount by 90 percent since 1950 and that's a huge amount.

A man named Mark and his wife named Chrissy came to our school to talk about fish and kaimoana and how it is very important to look after your fish and the birds and how little things that we can do to help the fish and birds survive.

One thing I did not know about fishing is when you grab the fish you pick it up with a wet towel.When you clean the fish you are supposed to clean the fish with salt water.

Another thing I learned
Was that rather than putting fish in ice you should put the fish in salt ice.

I really enjoyed the experience and I really like the info we learned

Thursday, 30 June 2016

finished waka

I have finally finished my waka and it looks good i caked it a littel but you cant get every thing the best can ya.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Bell witch prank

Bell witch prank

On a very hot sunny day a boy named  Carlos  looked at the sky the day looked fine and the sun was smiling upon him.Carlos had dark black hair and he was kinda tall. He had greenish and bluish glare in his eyes.Carlos had a professional skateboard and he loved skateboarding around town and going to all the skate spots.he owned a pair of leather skate shoes and he loved to challenge his mates to skate battles.

One day Carlos was riding his skateboard and then something court his eye.He looked to his left and notices that there was a skate competition he thought for a while and then he had the bravery to ask if he could join.He made his way to the manager and asked if he was allowed to enroll.The manager accepted his request to enter Carlos was taken by surprise that the manager accepted his request.Carlos's turn was up as he walked to the edge of ramp he started getting nervous his legs turned into noodles as he moved closer and closer the light started fading and the darkness started closing in and everyone was cheering  Carlos   Carlos   Carlos. As Carlos set his board on the edge of the ramp he just kept thinking of good times as the buzzer rang for him to go down the ramp bbbbb aaaaa mmmmm.
Carlos shot down the ramp he was doing all sorts of tricks and he also backflipped.

At the end of the comp he felt good that he did this.He was proud of himself and he was full of adrenaline but he had to get home in time for dinner as he arrived home he could smell the gooey cheesy smell of cheese and the luxurious smell of pepperoni slices.As he walked throught the door he could see that he had a deliceouse peperoni pizza waiting for him. He sat down and him and  his mum had a talk about what they did today.Carlosis mum was surprised that Carlos tried something new.As Carlos heded towards his room he was exhusted  he curled up on his bed to hit the sack.As he gazed at his roof he strated to doze off . As the sun rose above the horizon the birds started to tweet and the leafs started blowing as I opened my curtains I could see the sun was shining on me.As I monoverd  my way down to the garage I grabed my skate board as I rushed out I heard my mum call me carlos were are you going carlos said he wanted to go with his friends to the park but his mum had to go out to the city so carlos had to go as well.As they arrived home Carlos could see a board like figure wraped in papaer as he got closer he could see wheels then he unwraped it he got a brand new skate board he had a smile from ear to ear.he shot to the skate park filled with joy and he could not wait untill he got their. As he arrived he could see a faded mist in a shape of a person in the corner of the road.It started moving towards a warn out building.The mist like figure disaperd into the darkness of the building.As Carlos enterd the building he could whispers wispering as he past the doors he could see a messege writen on the wall.The message was scratched into the wall and the message said point of no return.Carlos turned to the doors and then the doors started to close Carlos started to get  worried then out of no where lights turned on and laughter creeped from the closet.His mum and friends apierd from hidden places.Carlos started to feel reliefed that his mum and friends pranked him.Mum told him  that ghost aint real.As they leaved the building white eyes appaired behind the door.

To be continued