Thursday, 31 October 2013

writing practice

in room 13 we are going to have a writing test and here is my writing.Once upon there was a boy named zane he was on the park but sudenly he felt unsafe do you know why?One day he was walking towards the park.As he was walking 3 bullys said hey dweb face give me your lunch money zane said no and ran away. At play time he went to the park but then the bullies came and tried to fight him he tried to talk them out of fighting but it failed. So all the kids gathered around in a circle and yield fight fight fight but he did not fight. The next morning he went to class. He did not tell the teacher because he knew that if had of told he would get bullied even more. At play time he got some of his freinds to come and watch the bulles so that when he goes to tell the teacher he has proof that they bulled him just case if they lie.So after play time he tolled the teacher and the bullies stoped.1 year later they were best freinds.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why i should have my netbook

I should have my netbook because I do not do bad things that much. My netbook is important to me because i get to go on maths whizz and do my work online not on paper.I should have my netbook because i can be responsible to use my netbook again.I will not do anything bad like changing my background or going on games in class time.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Hi room 13 has did a debate about friday being a day off. here is my fort. I agree that we should not have school on friday so we can spend time away from school and we can spend more time with our family so you can know them better .I say we should have friday of because there is more time at school than at home. I Agree that we should have friday of so we can sleep in and there is still more days of scool even if friday is a holiday. i think that you whant to stay home early and do stuff you can because it is a day off and yo can stay up late.I think you should Agree.

Friday, 18 October 2013

My holiday

In the holidays i went to the bmx track and i had a race with my friend seth. my bmx was a redline ro and seths one was a redline street pro. when we were racing two people came and they were being show of so we we raced them we nearly won but they did.