Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Asembly

Today  was the very first day of term4 2015.
We had a assembly like no other we had some of our best teachers on stage dressed in all sorts of  different clothes from silly to intelligent clothes and gadgets.We walk into the assembly like we were walking the red carpet.The first story was about a bird that was annoying to the people of the land the people of the land tried to ignore him but they were frustrated.
The people of the land rang to the dude who killed birds he came with his gun knife and sword he chopped its head of and he cooked it KfC for dinner.

Next was team 1.They had made it look fast and plan but we were all wrong.
Then they started to get people up on the stage they were all going to take turns singing.While they were singing there was a video playing of people at the zoo and lions and other animals behind glass and their was one were a kid was standing up and the lion was trying to rip its face  off.   

Sorry but the cookie monster ate all my story i will tell you on an other post how i defeat him.