Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Free BlogWritting

In the weekend  Shaitarn and maurice. Went to nights house to play black ops 2 zombies .Then we got suked in to a different world named black ops  we saw   zombies they looked liked ugly people at the back of us we grabbed  our RPD to shoot the zombies heads off.It was screy after we met a surviver that was in a zombie war in 1944. Next we had to move to the next house because zombies tried breaking in to eat us.John the survivor fort the zombies but he got eatin cause he was weak.

and i stole his  pack a punch gun’s it was power fall to kill the zombies faster.

Monday, 14 April 2014

harvesting flax


As soon as I heard the bell I ran out of the door in excitement YELLING ‘’ITS FIAFIA ITS FIAFIA’’ other people were doing it to so I ran out of the gates and waited for the crossing patrols to pull out there signs out so I ran to my car and my Mum and Dad were so nice they brought me and my brother snacks so we munched away and the even brought us drinks. As soon as I got home I had A shower and I got changed then we waited for my cousin and my aunty. As they entered the door I played with my little cousin outside. When I heard my Dad say lets go we walked to Our school named Pt .England the reason we had to walk because my dad checked our schools parking and it was stuffed. When we walked there there were heaps of food stands we had to try to find A set when we got on to my set Mr Burt said all fiafia kid go to your changing rooms. When we got in to our changing rooms everyone was hiding in little gaps getting changed.

When they got changed we went out to Fiafia and We sat down We watched Really awesome performances then it was our turn one stage I was nervous but I still did it when i went up on the stage there were thousands of people staring at us I but it felt weird because when the Hip Hop group went up to perform all of the front rows legs were shaking but when parents were there I felt brave. We did One Direction, Skrillex, Chris Brown, Trumpets, Macklemore, When we got off every on we cheering and clapping.                  

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Books

this morning we had got some new books there so cool here is some writing of what i think of it.

the book I had just read was named Gorilla city.this book is interesting its got good vocab and lots of detail.
this book has  a map and a picture for a card.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


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