Friday, 20 March 2015


On Thursday me and the year 7 and8 students went to the 2015 poly fest.there was a bit of a wait  but it was worth it.As soon as we got there we had a seat on the ground and listened to the manager of polyfest.After
the  manager  spoke we all moved to our destination. I AM AWESOME

The first  Game was trying to break the world record WE FAIL well i did anyway.
DID I TELL YOU i won a water bottle from AUT that stands for Auckland university of technology.
I won it because i answered the question oculist rift.oculist rift is a virtual gaming devise game.

I felt happy that i got to go poly fest ya cant wait to go next year

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Kia Ora, talofa lava, malo e lelei, faakalofa lahi atu, kia orana, bula vinaka, namaste and greetings!!  It’s Pasifika week in Aotearoa, this means it’s a week long celebration of all things Pacific.  This includes the birthday dance we had with Mrs Tele’a!  Part of the celebration is the Polyfest!  This Thursday we are planning to travel to Manukau to take part in some workshops and then visit stages.  The two stages we will be visiting will be the Maori and Diversity stages.  Did you know that this event - the Polyfest celebrates 40 years since it’s beginning?  Awesome isn’t it!

I think  that  young people participate to show their culture and learn the culture  and to also have fun performing  on stage.there are all sorts of stages   for all cultures .

they had to go and make money
they had to find clothes that fit all bodys
they need to find places that sell clothes
they nedd to use there maths to find out if they got enough
then they buy them
orginize there event
then they have to train people and practice.

I am looking forward to polyfest because  my culture is particapating

Monday, 16 March 2015

suprise birthday

On monday the 16 it is a special day  it is mrs Teleas birthday.So we were just acting normal then all of a sudden a loud nois blasted in to our ears it was music Mrs Telea was dancing and others joined.Every one stode up and ran towards the door we were all to shy to dance so we all wached. A few minutes or 2 we had to go back to our classes we were still silly in class but then the adrenalin weird of and we were normal.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Mihi

This is my mihi that shows some littel things that are importiant to me hope you like this post.