Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Capital letters

WALT:tell people what capital letters are.What is a capital letter.A capital letter is a bigger letter that is at the start of a sentence.

An example(The dog whent to the shop) What are capital letters:Capital letters are letters that are at the start of a sentence.It is a upper case letter that are At the begining of a name.It names geographacial places like New Zealand Australia China.We have them to know it is a name or a place.

 :Where do the capital letters go: Some capital letters go at the start of a sentence were some go at the beginning of peoples names. And some even go at the beginning of a place.

  Capital letters are spotted in titles.For an Example(Red Hairy Face)they could be spotted in books games brands. How you use them:You use them for names titles dates. For example(“Kyan walked to the shop’’) You also need punctuation so that you make sense in your writing like(“I’ll go to the shop’s’’) now you know how to use your capitals the right way to make sense and remember using capitals and punctuation can help you later on in life. this is a story that shows you what capitals.

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