Thursday, 30 October 2014

What is a friend

Do you have a friend?
Do you have a friend that is reliable and that you can trust?
Have you ever thought what a friend is?
Well I'm here to tell you. A friend is someone who you can trust and that is reliable. Some friends are good and some are bad and it is your choice to chose.If you pick someone who is good they are good friends that won't get you into trouble.If you chose bad friends then that is the wrong choice because they get you into trouble by blaming it on you.

Can a friend be like family?Well some friends can be family that is if there kind and respectful.Some friends can stay friends but those who are family are lucky.Some friends can help you when times are difficult.There are also friends that buy you stuff like presents and treats and even drinks.but this doesn't just happen you have to show them courtesy and respect.

How do you get out of a cross fire with your friend?When you are in a fight with a friend it is not a good site.To get out of trouble with a friend you have to talk with them sort the problem then make up for it but that dosent always work.Sometimes you have to do some stuff for hem like do a dearing thing.Bye then you will be friends with them hopefully.

This should help you stay friends and it will help you make a friend a family member and  remember don't  let your friends down and most important thing is don’t let yourself down.Because when friends are  happy you and your friends can do anything.

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