Thursday, 18 April 2013


my trathalon had finished we said thanks for this triathalon. wednesday we went to triathlon. for triathlon we had to slide on the onwater slide. after the slide we had to push the bike out of transition and ride arrond the felld into transition. Next we had to run arrownd the felld. ‘we had a choise of bikes you cold chose a bmx or a montine bike. As son as we finished it we said thanks for triathalon.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Fossils are like a rock. They are importaint because they give us ideas of old life.

People like to collect  them because they dont normally see it every day. Some times you see fossils in museums like dinosaur bones.

The Eel That Lived In The Omaru River.

Once upon a time there was an eel named James he was a strong eel. He lived in the crystal clear water of Omaru River. It was a very clean river until people started throwing rubbish into it. Over time he noticed that the river was getting dirty. James started finding it hard to breath because the water was thick with pollution. He was so hungry but the only thing he had to eat was gross plants. He could not eat those plants anymore. He had a plan. “I’m going to swim to the sea to find some fresh plants. As he got closer to the sea he found that he did not like the saltwater of the sea. He had no energy left to swim back to his river. He started to feel very sick, he was dying. James tried hard to get back to his river before he died. Unfortunately James didn’t make it, sadly he died. He turned into a ghost. Even though he was a ghost he tried to make his home clean. But without help from other eels and people he could not do the job.

Monday, 15 April 2013

easter break

On Friday we had started our Easter break. I could not wait until Easter. I was having a great time having fun with my friends Maroroa ,Kyan and Maysun. We were all in Maybury street, riding our bike doing wheelies. I was having so much fun that I lost track of the time. My mum bought me some easter eggs and a chocolate bunny nana bought a bunny and a creamy egg from the warehouse. It was finally time to go back to school. There were no more easter eggs left in the fridge. I think easter is cool because you get to eat easter eggs that are nice and cold.easter is about jesus died on the cross

Thursday, 4 April 2013

will i am

On thursday we had a special visiter. people were dieing to here how the visiter is. When we saw news people seting up cameras people sarted to say were gong to be one news. mr bert told us that will i am was coming to our school to give Manaiakalani schools a 100 000 000$ wons he had came we herd people chering out lowdley as he walked throw the hall of pt we had the kapahaka group and senior hiphop group. once we had the groups had finished will i am came to the front he gave us a check. he told us about his live. after that we sung the pt england school song

WillIAmSpeaks from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Introducing WillIAm from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.