Monday, 30 June 2014

hero writting

the mysteries hero Start writing:once upon a time there was a young boy named day at school there was a boy named Mike. Mike was playing then he lost his shoe john saw everything mike was angry at him he got the name one shoe wonder.10 YEARS later john had earned a name black stroke he was in the middle of a mission suddenly his mum called come home on the highway he stopped everything seemed different he got hit by a lightning bolt and thats how he got his power that is why he is a super hero but with all superheroes there is always a weakness. and blackstrock's weakness is whitestrock. stay tuned for part two...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

my blog writting

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jacob. He had no fear at all he had a brother named Zion. The brothers are always doing dangerous adventures like free falling into portals that lead to other galaxies. They also fight big monsters like harpys sea monsters and giants. These two brothers have four powers. one is shape shifting the second is flames. And the third is health fourth is electric force field. One day they stumbled into a underground portal that lead to the entrance to a maze Jacob made a bad mistake. He went into the maze and he got lost so Zion went in after him he found Jacob laying flat he was half demolished by a plant he had died. He was all alone he had heard a story that if you find the sacred gem it can grant you any wish it can even revive people. TO BE CONTINUED.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

titanic reaserch

Question 1 information: the titanic weights 46,000 tones and the engine weights 16,tones Question 2 information: the titanic sank because the holes let water in to the making the front tip then the back snap. Question 3 information: the titanics length is 882.9 Question 4 information: 92 Question 5 information:46.000 tones Question 6 information: the titanic gets up to 22 knots.