Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cross Country

cross country
Cross  country day.On Monday the first day of school we had cross country run.We had to run twice around the reserve and school.

It was scary at the starting line because you will never know if you will epic fail or do good in the run you might get left behind.We started to move to the starting line my legs were shaking and if felt the pressure in the air getting strong.

Our principal Mr  Burt lined us up and gave us a brief talking about what should  happen.

Then the final step on your marks my hands were shaking like soggy noodles on a fork my body turned to jelly CLAP
we all took off zoom we were running like a pack of buffaloes we all were zooming fast past everyone halfway around the track we were huffing and puffing like thirsty cows I saw the finish line in the distance every step is getting closer and closer and closer.
Then the finish line was so close me and another component were head to head.

But He Bait  me to the finish line  i will  try harder next year.

I felt good that i ran the  full circuit.See you next year.


  1. Nice job Shaitarn! You definitely put forth exceptional effort both in cross country and in your writing! I love your use of figurative language in your recount!


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