Thursday, 18 April 2013


my trathalon had finished we said thanks for this triathalon. wednesday we went to triathlon. for triathlon we had to slide on the onwater slide. after the slide we had to push the bike out of transition and ride arrond the felld into transition. Next we had to run arrownd the felld. ‘we had a choise of bikes you cold chose a bmx or a montine bike. As son as we finished it we said thanks for triathalon.

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  1. Hello Shaitarn. My name is Matthew and I'm 16 years old and I am in high school in Alabama. I've looked over your blog and it seems that you kids in New Zealand have a lot of fun in school and on your own time. Keep up with your school work and maintain a good social life. Work on your spelling and sentence structure. Being in fifth grade, do you play any sports? I'm just curious to how y'all do things in your country.


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