Friday, 9 May 2014

My holidays

On a really good day with a blue sky and some white clouds. My family and i got ready to go Rainbow's End for a celebration of my birthday on April 19. We got in my van and started zooming of to rainbows end. While we were in the van my brothers were singing loud. When we got there there were smiles. I was full of excitement to go on the new ride the Stratosphere. We got in Rainbows End and i went really fast to the new ride. When i got there it was a very long line. I was waiting for minutes and minutes. Then finally it was me and my brothers turn to go on. They had to check maysun and me to see if we were tall enough and we Were. When the instructor told us to go on we were nervous it look like it was gonna go so high. when we went up it was going in loops which was making me dizzy and sick. Next ride up was the Power surge. Only my mum and i wanted to go on it. Spinning around and around it was crazy. When we were finish i said “ PHEWW that was extreme.” Next Was the alien spaceship The Invader It went so high and fast up in to the sky. My brother was screaming for ages. When we were finished i was disappointed. But it was fine i loved it at rainbows end. Next time it would be cool. I give it a 10 out of 10.

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