Thursday, 22 May 2014

the weird house in the middle of no were

On A pitch black night 2 kids went trick or treating in the middle of no wear, for hours the two kids were looking for A house. Then they saw A light blaze A distance away so the two boys sprinted to the house. As they pressed the doorbell the door swung open and almost hit the the two boys they yelled out ‘’HAHAHAHAHAHAHA’’. They heard A man say ‘’get out of my house get out of my house’’. The two kids said where's my candy bro he replied ‘’come hear’’ the kids were following the sound. Then they heard something crack, It was filled with candy the kids went crazy then a man walked out of a bed room. He looked freaky when the 2 kids saw the man they ran away when he on the lights he looked like A nerd. The 2 kids went back and saw him they started laughing their head off they said ‘’we thought you were A criminal’’ the man said ‘’well i'm not i tried to open the door but it swung open and the thing that dropped was my candy bowl so i hid in my room and then you guys ran away’’ then the kids said ‘’but you yelling to us doesn't cut it’’ Then the man said ‘’OOOOOO i thought you guys were robbing my house’’. So the two little boys said ‘’well bye then’’ the man replied ‘’bye’’. The END...

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