Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I was there

Title: i was there Start writing here: On a pitch black night in the sub-zero atlantic ocean in the most luxurious liner titanic. Warm cozy in the first class cabin room no noise at all not even a swish from a wave suddenly we heard a crash on to the s hip. The titanic has crashed in the iceberg every one racing for a life boat the ice cold water is flooding the front compartments causing titanic to begin lifting the humongous stern of the ship up. The boiler stacks snapped off the ship it smelled of smoke people choking and dying. unexpectedly the titanic started to snap in the middle it is going to snap we are all terrified people jumping off the ship in the water. People drowning and dying of hypothermia i had one last choice either to jump into water for a life boat or go down with the ship. Keep your eyes on for part 2. wich is coming soon.

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