Tuesday, 4 March 2014

my free blog writing 2

Once there were two kids named Josh and Franklin that didn't have parents they have been bullied. They have been chased by dogs and bullies. Josh and Franklin got sick of it. then they stood up for their self. The bullies came back from around the corner and they tried beating them up but Josh and Franklin said ‘’OK COME THEN’’the bullies ran up to Josh and josh kicked the bullie right in the in the leg. The the next bullie ran up to Franklin and Franklin jabed the bullie right in the face.

After the fight they went to find their Mum and Dad they felt so lonely because they were walking for days than they saw big bags with food and water they could only carry 2 bags of it then they walked to the gas station and said can I have A big bottle of water then the man said two dollars please then they gave it. as they left they saw to people Lying down they knew it was there mum and dad the they said hi mum and she said what is your name and he said Josh the she said we found our kids.

Then the left and live happily ever after.

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