Friday, 12 September 2014

Building Work at School

This is a article about what is going on. Buildings Getting Demolished: Some buildings are getting demolished and taken down so that new buildings can be built at Pt England school.

Some buildings are getting demolished and taken down so that new classrooms can be built for the kids of Pt England. The new classes are going to be even better than before.They will have open spaces and green screen room.These classrooms are going to have better things like stages and lockers. the classrooms are a more of a modern learning environment for the kids to learn in.

The building are going to all be built by December.These buildings are going to be for year 1 and year sixes .The buildings for Pt England School are more bigger and easier to work in.The old classrooms are so old that they're going to the dump and not going to be used anymore not even for another school.

The classrooms are getting built because the old ones are more of a old class and the new classrooms are more of a modern environment for the kids of Pt England.there classrooms are better than ever there bigger more better and more flasher than others.these classrooms have there own stage and their own lockers.

The students have been waiting for quite a while now it is here.The buildings are going to be built by october.The buildings that are getting taken down is for more room for new ones.

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