Friday, 19 February 2016

A Good Brother

What a good brother looks like.
A good brother looks like someone who cares for other people and gives good advise and never mocks you.It looks like someone who looks out for people that are unable to do most things and can help them.
A good brother show respect for people and shows kindness to others.A kind brother shares with people and also tells people good things to encourage others and inspire them.A kind brother protects his family and friends.He is kind and is a roll model to others who are younger and older than him.A kind brother will never judge his brothers and sisters and will always tell the truth.

What a good brother sounds like.
A good brother sounds not scary but Carey and never screams at you for nothing.
A good brother is able to give good attitude towards others and never gives up.
He has a lot of knowledge and is able to correct people that are in the wrong lane.  

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