Wednesday, 9 December 2015

This year

My year

Hi i have written a few paragraphs
about how my year was.

My favorite part of this year was when the year sevens and me went to Rainbows End.The reason why  because  we got to go on all the rides like fear fall roller coaster and family karts.The family karts are fast.The next best thing was the time when we had holidays so we did not have school because we get to do things.The other best thing was manaiakalani film festival because i was a presenter.

But the very very best memory was the first day of the first term when everybody got to know each other and got to make friends.

This year i have enjoyed year 7 tech especially cooking class with miss Heck a.
When we cooked nachos with baked beans and burgers as well as stir fried rice.

It was fun in the mornings because we all got to have free time.

I am looking forwards to next year .

I cant wait till next year 2016.

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