Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mortal Kombat

Long ago in the age of mortal kombat there was a fighter named raiden he  was the god of thunder he had other friends like johnny cage lui kaung and kung lau and others.there was a event called mortal kombat it was made to give  earthrealm  a chance raiden and friends compete in this tournament to fight other realms.the faight of earth are in there hands.

long ago the elder gods had heaps of power shinok  one of the elder gods rebeld his brothers and sisters a stole all the power for  him self raiden and the others locked him up in the netherrealm now he has came back  for revenge they must stop him.

he has the power to destroy all of the earth but raiden and others must defet him in the mortal kombat tournament or he will destroy the earth.

Stay Tuned For The Next Mortal Kombat...

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