Friday, 6 September 2013


Long ago there lived a young boy named Aladdin who lived in a small village with his mum who was a widow, they were very poor. They always had to work for money and food, sometimes they went hungry. One day a man came and said I am your long lost uncle. He asked if his brother was at home and Aladdin said no he's dead. Then the strange uncle said “can you help me and Aladdin said “ok. When they got to the cave the uncle said this is the place. His uncle pushed the rock out of the way so that Aladdin could get in the hole. As soon as he got in the hole he saw lots of gold and jewels and diamonds. Aladdin asked his Uncle what he wanted from out of the cave? His Uncle said “just go and get me a lamp, you will know which one it is because it is an old and tatty lamp.” Aladdin couldn’t believe that all he wanted was an old lamp. There was so much treasure that Aladdin was surrounded by it. He was astonished to see so much wonderful things in the cave. While Aladdin was looking for the lamp he was stuffing gold and jewels into his pockets. He found a fascinating diamond ring, he put it on his finger for his mum. Suddenly he saw the lamp, it was sitting on top of a mountain of gold. Aladdin climbed the mountain and grabbed the lamp. He went back up to the surface and said to his uncle “help me get out of here” but the uncle said “no you have to give me the lamp first” “No” shouted Aladdin “I’m going to stay here with the lamp”.

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