Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My holidays

On the holidays me and my dad went to find me a bike . My dad and I found a silver redline bike worth $900. It has 2 pegs at the back of the bike to make it look cool. The next day I went to Kyan's birthday at Rainbows End. We went on the Motion Master it was playing the movie Happy Feet. It was exciting and made me feel like I was in the movie. The next ride we went on was the Gold Rush, we had to go through a dark tunnel, it was fast then suddenly you are outside again. The next ride was the bumper cars. When everyone was driving forward I was driving backwards. Kyan said that I was being a show off. I think he was jealous. We went on lots of rides while we were there. It was AWESOME!! When I got dropped off at home I said a big Thank you to Kyan’s parents. I really enjoyed going and hope to go again sometime.

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  1. Great writing Shaitarn. It made me laugh when you were driving backwards on the bumper cars. I've never seen that before! It was nice of Kyan and his family to invite you to his birthday at Rainbows End too. Keep up the great work.


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